BoutiqueBuilder eCommerce solution
BoutiqueBuilder eCommerce solution

Our vision

Our job is to offer our customers efficient tools to develop their sales, following an economic vision of the e-commerce problematic.

After more than 10 years working exclusively in e-commerce, our project teams are expert in building and maintaining an e-commerce website.

We demand our teams to act as a growth "booster" for our customers, each problem must have an economically and technically appropriate solution.

Each customer has specific needs.

For BoutiqueBuilder, each customer is different from another, with specific needs and demands, and our politic is headed that way.

It's not our customer's role to adapt his wills to technical constraints, but ours to offer him the best solution possible, and adapt our products consequently.

For instance, graphic standards are a major part of the website's communication, and can be created without any knowledge of BoutiqueBuilder, as our tools are developed to fit any design.

By your side all the time

Our customer's fidelity is our greatest reward !

We follow our customers during the most critical stage of their development, once their website has been launched, is known, and faces problematics that can be solved with BoutiqueBuilder, such as structural costs reduction, logistic production raising, customer support productivity incomes, solutions' reliability, employees' interchangeability...

Whenever a new customer is integrated, we begin a new adventure, adventure which has to go on until the project is a total success, and afterwards of course !

Success is your skill !

What makes the success of a website isn't the technology used, but the energy and the skills of the teams working on it.

Our vocation is to give you the tools that will enable you to sell more and in a better way, and if we do not have these tools, then we'll develop them for you !

BoutiqueBuilder manages the informatic, focus on your job : Selling !

Each of us has his talent

BoutiqueBuilder is expert in its domain, thus, whenever we can not give a valuable answer to our customer's request because it doesn't fit our knowledge scope, we suggest him the best partner to find a solution to his needs.

Throughout the last years, we have built strong relations with major actors of the e-commerce domain, whether it be webmarketing, logistic, call center, products shootings, or graphic standards...

Discover their offers in the partnership space ! is edited by the society: Solusquare, SAS with a capital of 1.000.001 €, RCS Grasse 488 450 511.